SOUTH MEATH    Solar Project

SOUTH MEATH    Solar Project

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Project Works Update

Estimated completion of piling works: 

  • Continuing works – Ramming / Piling will continue, commencing after 8am daily, Monday to Saturday. It is envisaged that these works will be completed by end of April 2023 


General Housekeeping on Roads 

  • Road sweeping & cleaning is ongoing and being monitored daily by the site team 
  • All material deliveries have now been received at the site  
  • Residents should see a significant decline on HGV accessing and egressing the site entrances 


Electrical Works Update 

  • As sectors of the site become significantly complete, these areas will be energised. It is envisaged that this will commence towards the end of May or the start of June 2023 


Remaining Works Overview   

  • We are currently working on completing all the remaining mechanical works on the entire South Meath Solar Project by the end of May 2023
  • We are aiming to have completion of Panel Installation to follow shortly after that; by mid-June  2023 
  • Remaining works will include energisation & commissioning of the site, reinstatement of all site roads and final checks