SOUTH MEATH    Solar Project

SOUTH MEATH    Solar Project

Sunset behind solar panels

Security & Sustainability

A Secure Energy Future

Recent events have thrown the security of our energy supply into focus. Most of us still use fossil fuels to generate the electricity that we use to heat our homes and run our cars. These are not only a finite resource, but also release carbon into the environment.

Energy security can only be achieved from investing in renewable energy, allowing us to achieve a cleaner environment and real energy independence in this country. With abundant natural resources, Ireland can be a world leader when it comes to renewable energy integration and is on the right path to decarbonising our energy system.

It is simply not sustainable to rely on fossil fuels for our energy needs, and nor do we need to with the resources that we have. Not only does it result in higher costs, but it is a volatile market. Developing our own renewable energy simply makes far more sense.

Statkraft engineer examining solar panels

Project Sustainability


South Meath Solar is committed to ensuring that all our projects are developed in a sustainable way and is an active Business Supporter of the All-Ireland Pollinator Plan.

For every solar farm we build, there is potential to incorporate environmentally sustainable measures into the project design. Solar farms can make a positive contribution to the habitat types and diversity of an area through several measures including: planting wildflower meadows; providing sections of species rich grass; improving hedgerows; tree planting; and providing bird and insect boxes where needed. The option to graze sheep will also be present once the solar farm becomes operational. Agricultural land will not be permanently lost due to the construction or operation of the solar farm and upon decommissioning, the site can revert back to open pasture, with enhanced biodiversity value.

Solar farms provide a great opportunity for micro-habitats and can support a variety of wildlife. A Biodiversity Management Plan will be provided as part of the planning submission. We see that biodiversity will be integral to the project and our goal is to help maximise the potential for the area. Wildflower meadows, bird boxes and insect hotels are just some of the measures included in our management plan.