SOUTH MEATH    Solar Project

SOUTH MEATH    Solar Project

Sunset behind solar panels

Benefits of Solar Energy

Ireland is now on a path of decarbonisation and the energy that we are using is switching from fossil fuels to renewables. Solar power is a clean, abundant source of energy and has many benefits.

Local Opportunities

National Benefits

Supports local biodiversity and wildlife

Energy security

Community Benefit Fund for the local area supporting:

  • Home energy efficiency schemes
  • Environmental projects
  • Social initiatives

Green power for Irish homes

Carbon reduction

Climate action being delivered

Job creation

Reduced reliance on fossil fuels

Improvements to local facilities

Improved air quality

Support local education

Rates Local Authorities and taxes

Support a sustainable local community

Affordable electricity - from a sustainable resource

Future energy

A solar farm will produce clean renewable energy for future generations. Local energy production improves energy security.

Business rates

Solar farms pay rates to the local authorities, in this case, Meath County Council, thereby contributing to the funding of vital public services.


We encourage any local supplier that can play a part in the construction or operation of this solar farm to get in touch.

Community benefits

The Irish Government requires that all renewable projects that are developed over the coming years invest a community benefit fund into the local area, which will bring significant opportunities for local communities.

Air quality

Decarbonising our electricity system and moving away from fossil fuels allows us to deliver on climate action, and in doing so improves our air quality.

Supporting biodiversity

For every solar farm we build, there is potential to improve the environment and increase habitat diversity through a number of measures including:

  • beehives
  • planting wildflower meadows
  • providing sections of species-rich grass
  • improving hedgerows
  • tree planting
  • providing bird, bat and insect boxes where needed

There is also potential for sheep grazing under the panels, and Solar energy farms also provide a great opportunity for micro-habitats and can support a variety of wildlife and a Biodiversity Management Plan will be provided as part of the planning submission.

We would like your feedback on how this project could bring the most benefit to the local area! Contact Us Here

We would like your feedback on how this project could bring the most benefit to the local area! Contact Us Here